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Aunt Helen’s Pea Salad

Throughout this notebook my grandmother Esther notes a lot of recipe’s from her loved ones.  This one is from her sister Helen.  I remember Helen as a petite gal with a feisty attitude that everyone couldn’t help but love.  I specifically remember Helen and my grandmother waltzing around the dance floor at any family wedding to… Continue reading Aunt Helen’s Pea Salad

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In the beginning.

Welcome Readers! This post has been one in the making….. let me tell ya. At least a year ago I was going through my late grandmother Esther’s neat recipe books.  To the normal person you would assume I was scrolling through a neatly bound book with the local town centennial stamp on the front.  Although there… Continue reading In the beginning.

Household Tip's

It’s the ink….

As a young gal when it came to cleaning mirrors and windows my mother and grandmother knew just the trick to a streak free clean.  NEWSPAPER….. say what?  Yes. They would spray down the glass with whatever window cleaner we had around and then immediately crumple up an old piece of newspaper and aggressively wipe… Continue reading It’s the ink….