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Pep up your life with frozen peppers!

What does a gal do when she has an amazing pepper harvest?!?! FREEZE THEM! This year I am trying something new and it’s working.  I am looking forward to using these green pepper strips for fajita’s, tacos and casserole dishes throughout the winter.  This is my first picking of the fall and will have at… Continue reading Pep up your life with frozen peppers!

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Gluten Free Sweet Treat – Brownie Mix

Happy Monday All! I mentioned in an earlier post that my diet has changed.  Due to a wheat food allergy I have chosen to implement a gluten free diet into my life. This change is going really well.  I am not craving bread or pasta really….. its the sweets that are getting me! To curb… Continue reading Gluten Free Sweet Treat – Brownie Mix

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Freezing Garden Fresh Broccoli

Happy Sunday Readers! I hope you are enjoying your extended weekend.  I know I sure am 🙂 It seems as though we look forward to long weekends only to catch up around the farm. Last week we were blessed to get a large amount of rain…. 5 inches…. and wind 😦  My garden has taken… Continue reading Freezing Garden Fresh Broccoli

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Pickled Beet’s

Hey Folks! Harvest has begun!…. Garden harvest that is.  My small beet crop has been harvested and preserved with this amazing pickled beet recipe. For those of you that enjoy beets from the salad bar I encourage you to give this recipe a try. Step 1:  Harvest your beets. I recommend leaving your beets in… Continue reading Pickled Beet’s

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Brownies & Fudge Frosting

Because we all have a holiday hangover….here is another sweet treat recipe 😛 Brownies 4 Eggs 2C Flour 2 Sticks of Oleo 2C Sugar ½C Cocoa Dash of Salt Melt oleo in saucepan. Once melted set aside and let cool. Beat eggs in a mixer. Add sugar, salt, cocoa, flour and cooled oleo to the… Continue reading Brownies & Fudge Frosting