You reap what you sow…

One of my favorite things as a young child was to work in the garden with my mother and grandmother.  Most of what we ate throughout the years was canned or preserved from the garden.  I probably was not the most motivated youngster to pull weeds or harvest but I sure liked the idea of growing what we eat.  I have tried to bring gardening back into my life the past few years. My mother and I have had the ability to work in my aunts greenhouse and start the seeds for our garden plants and flowers.  This aunt is Esther’s daughter and has an amazing green thumb!  Props to her for that 🙂 I has been so much fun!

Among many of my goals for 2017 is to truly focus on my garden. I have ordered my seeds from Seeds n’ Such ( this year.  I have found their website to be very easy to navigate and order from.  They also offer discounts on bulk orders.  I received all of my seed packs for $1.99 due to the size of my order…. YAY!!

2017 Garden List
– Iceberg Lettuce
– Blue Ribbon Tomatoes
– Beet’s
– Green Beans
– Carrot’s
– Cucumber’s
– Cilantro
– Chives
– Rosemary
– Dill
– Green Peppers
– Jalapeno
– Misc. Flower Mixes

I will begin germinating a few varieties in mid April.  I cant wait to post more about my 2017 gardening adventures!



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