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Good Evening Readers!!

Every once in a while I get brave with my cooking…. the bf may call it down right crazy because when it fails he usually gets to help me eat it anyway! LOL… I am sure Esther tried crazy things a time or two 😝

Like everyone, the new year has urged me to focus a little more on health and the food I am eating.  I loaded up on multigrain rice, chicken, spinach, turkey bacon and all the healthy foods from the grocery store that I truly love to eat. Tonight I was anxious to whip up something good.

I planned on a small serving of beef with multigrain rice. My only concern was the flavor of the multigrain rice. I always feel like rice is so blah… who’s with me?

While browsing my cupboard I had a lightbulb moment


I substituted the 1C of water the instructions recommended for 1C of Chicken Stock. I cooked according to the instructions and it was DELICIOUS!!  I would recommend using a low sodium stock.  However, I did not have that on hand.

Give it a try and let me know how you enjoy it. I am always looking for healthy ways to create tasteful meals.

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