Household Tip's

It’s the ink….

As a young gal when it came to cleaning mirrors and windows my mother and grandmother knew just the trick to a streak free clean. 

NEWSPAPER….. say what? 

Yes. They would spray down the glass with whatever window cleaner we had around and then immediately crumple up an old piece of newspaper and aggressively wipe the window until it was dry and spotless.  This is a very economical way of cleaning. I am sure most everyone has a few newspapers next to the toilet that are a few years to old!  Try it for yourself! I know you will be pleased 😀

For those of you looking for a more natural, eco-friendly streak free clean check out the Norwex cleaning line.  I have used a damp Norwex Enviro Cloth followed by a dry Norwex Window Cloth and have achieved the same result. Choose the option that best suits your household.

Link to the Norwex Products:

Good Luck!

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