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In the beginning.


Welcome Readers!

This post has been one in the making….. let me tell ya.

At least a year ago I was going through my late grandmother Esther’s neat recipe books.  To the normal person you would assume I was scrolling through a neatly bound book with the local town centennial stamp on the front.  Although there are a few of those, the best book was one of its own.  Before the world of internet most people found their information in newspapers and magazines.  Esther had a unique way of clipping ANYTHING she found useful and taping or gluing them into a spiral notebook.

I LOVE this notebook.

It’s not just the recipe’s and cleaning tips I love.  It’s the unique way this book reminds me of who my grandmother truly was.  She wrote her own little recipe’s and helpful notes in the margin as though she knew I was going to need all the help I could get someday, LOL!  It reminds me how frugal her and my grandfather were when they had nothing and had to hang onto what all they had.  I remember eating a lot of the treats in this book after school when my grandmother would walk to my school to meet me and walk us home, usually after a short detour to the uptown Hy-Vee for the ingredients we needed.  And why did she walk?  Who does that anymore right?  Esther walked because she never had a license to drive.  She didn’t need it, she was content with grandpa driving her or simply walking.  She was so neat,  a true woman of her generation.  Always focused on keeping her family well cared for and fed like kings.  In my younger years I remember her and my mother preparing incredible meals throughout planting and harvest season.

Pot Roast with carrots and potatoes…. Minutes steaks with gravy…. Fried Chicken…..Oatmeal Cookies… Home canned pear halves in sauce… etc.

As I flipped the pages in grandma’s notebook I knew I needed to do something with this book.  It was to unique to just sit above my stove in the cupboard.  But What?  What could I possibly do with this book that I could be passionate about?  I then created this page “Esther’s Canny Tradition”….. nearly a year ago remind you.  And it just sat….. now what do I do?  I have this incredible tool to use but how do I use it?  In the past year I have continued with my daily life on the farm, had a job change,  began remodeling a home with my boyfriend, started teaching CIZE LIVE fitness classes in two nearby towns and then occasionally would think about this blog page.


I feel as though I try to carry on Esther’s traditions everyday in some small way.  So why not choose to share with readers those neat little tidbits from Esther’s notebook as well as her legacy.   It is my goal to post at least once a week if not more and share with you the small canny tradition’s that grandma has left with me that I still use today 🙂

Thanks Readers.  I look forward to spending more time with all of you!


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