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Good Afternoon Readers!

After publishing my first post late last night I knew I would need to explain to you a little more about myself and how I carry on Esther’s legacy.

My grandmother Esther was a farm girl from day 1.  She was raised to do the dirty work and help out wherever needed. She then grew up to mary my grandfather, a farmer. While married they milked cows, butchered chickens, fed cattle, raised corn and soybeans as well as three children.  One of those children is my father. We will just refer to him as Papa D. He then married a hard working farm girl who is my Momma D.  Together my parents farmed with my grandparents for many years.  In the mornings grandma and grandpa would drive to our homestead and wait for all of us to get out of bed and get to work!

That’s what they call perserverence…. or maybe impatience 😝

My siblings and I were raised like many other farm children.  While I am the youngest and probably the most spoiled, I know I did enough work to learn some of life’s best lessons.  We bailed square hay bales, pitched manure, calved cows and lambed lambs, walked the bean fields (i was pretty young here but still remember the tears where the roundup failed). Never the less, I knew that with hard work, perserverence, a little sweat and sometimes a few tears I could accomplish most anything.  I learned how to forgive, forget and move on when things didn’t always go the right way.

The best lesson I learned that God has a plan. It may not be my plan, but he has one. His plan is always the better plan. Just roll with it…..

Today we still use these core values to challenge and to better ourselves everyday. My parents still farm full time, my brother and sister are both very successful in their professions and their children as well.

I am the young one. Still sometimes figuring out this crazy thing we call “adulting”.  I have a successful carrier in the ag industry, volunteer with numerous youth ag activities, teach fitness classes and run a small an independent consultant business selling Rodan+Fields Products.  The best part is I get to do all of these things with the great support of my longtime boyfriend.  He’s a farmer… see a trend here? We kind of like farming around here. In future blogs i’ll probably refer to him simply as my “bf”… LOL

I stay busy to say the least. I like it that way.

Thanks for reading!


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